Tickdatamarket provides spot rates for more than 100 currencies, as well as precious metals. Our data cover about 200 global bank and worldwide broker contributions. The historical Data go back to 1975 for daily data and 1998 for intraday data (tick, ask-bid + contributor, minute).

We also provide historical data from individual banks and brokers as GAIN CAPITAL, REALTIME FOREX, ABN AMRO, BANK OF CHINA, ADP GTIS NEW YORK... We provide FOREX data with GMT time. We can adapt it to any other timezone. Forex data is traded 24 hours per day and there is no official Open and Close time. Open and Close time to coincide with when main Contributing Banks reset their servers.
The open time on Sundays is approximately 17:00 GMT and the close time is 22:00 GMT each Friday.                                                                               

Tick by tick data are built from (ASK+BID)/2